Closing the Data Gap

for Decarbonisation Strategies



Digitize an entire building in less than one hour. You enter visible information we complete the process for you.


DATA Completion

Thanks to our extensive database of several million synthetic buildings, CAPSA generates highly robust data.



With every data input our database gains deeper understanding of your property and the generated data becomes more personalized.

What we do

CAPSA dramatically speeds up the collection of data needed to support strategic refurbishment planning and access corresponding funding. 

By cataloging the building portfolio with CAPSA owners get a complete inventory overview of their building stock, including superior insights on the state of the building. Based on this CAPSA provides expert suggestions on what maintenance and refurbishment actions are needed to increase the energy efficiency of a building to save money and meet climate goals. CAPSA is therefore an indispensable tool for managing a building stock and planing refurbishment work.

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Supporting building owners to manage their building portfolio

Save Time

Fast data collection. Digitize an entire building in one hour (compared to 40 hours via traditional approaches).

Increase Efficiency

Centralized data storage reduces administrative burden, overcomes sectoral fragmentation and leads to greater transparency.

Maintain Property Value

Follow our refurbishment suggestions and decarbonization roadmap to take proactive measures to maintain and increase the value of your property.

Access Funding

Provide the data needed to apply for EU funding programmes focused on decarbonization in the built environment.

About Us

We are a team of architects, software engineers and data scientists, with the vision to digitize the built environment to support climate targets and decarbonization of building stocks.

We support building owners in designing refurbishment and maintenance strategies. To overcome the lack of data on the physical make-up of buildings we created CAPSA – a robust and intuitive way to collect visual data on site without the need for experts. We are eager to work with our clients on building the data basis that unlocks great opportunities in the fields of maintenance, refurbishment, ESG and green finance. After all any refurbishment and maintenance strategy can only be as good as its data foundation.

From visible information to a complete digital inventory

Step 1

Intuitive Data Collection

Collection of objective and visible data on site

Adjustable level of detail and granularity

Digitize an entire building in one hour

Step 2

Data interpretation and completion

Total surface areas

Lifetime and maintenance needs

Wall make-up

Material catalogue and embodied carbon

Step 3

Maintenance, Monitoring and Strategy Design

Refurbishment and decarbonization roadmaps

Tracking of maintenance strategies

Identification of hotspots on a building or portfolio level

The data you need now

to prepare your building stock for tomorrow.

Download CAPSA and start building your digital inventory today.

The short answer is our extensive database, built with the highest level of architectural expertise and integrated algorithms and statistical models.

To be more precise, we understand buildings. There are correlations and causalities that produce plenty of data. Strong linear correlation between the net surface area and the total window area; the year of construction and the efficiency of the machinery provide a straightforward  . Some causalities are more complex than others. The insulation material inside the walls for instance requires several parameters for CAPSA to provide a highly robust estimate. CAPSA knows how each data point entered correlates to the building as a whole and deducts missing data points based on empirical research. These models are backed up by our ever-growing database incorporating more than XXnumberXXX buildings across Europe.

Our models provide a high level of accuracy (standard deviation <3). Because we know, that only accurate data is valuable data.

We have several mechanisms in place to guarantee reliable data for every single building.

  • Users can enter consumption data. Consumption data is a reliable indicator of a buildings energetic behavior. Together with the primary data entered, it provides a sound basis on which generated data will be cross checked, verified and if necessary adjusted.
  • Users can replace generated data with real data. Since our database continuously learns and develops, these corrections will increase the accuracy of generated data in the future.

Transparency and accuracy are at the core when communicating data. We created the Data Robustness Index (DRI) to communicate the level of data reliability. The DRI consists of four components: data collection, data deduction, completion of missing data, and cross-checking via consumption data. Each of the four components has been assigned a value, which determines its relative contribution to the index. In order to achieve a DRI of 1, each step has to be fully completed.

We take data protection seriously. Cyber security is on the top of our agenda, and we guarantee the maximum level of data security.
Your data exclusively belongs to you. We manage it for you, but we do not own any of your data. We do not share or sell your data to third parties. Your data is encrypted and stored inside our safe firewall. Each user has their own domain and can control who can access and edit the data.

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