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Beyond data management: Unlock insights and opportunities to manage and decarbonize your building stock

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CAPSA is a digital building passport data platform

A digital building passport is a database in which all relevant data is held by the building owner in a digital and processable format. The passport combines modules for data collection during site visits, artificial intelligence data matching, and energy infrastructure data to generate a holistic and detailed data picture of a building with minimal time investment. By adding more information during maintenance visits and thanks to the semantic logic engines, which update the data with each entry of comparable buildings, your knowledge about your building is constantly growing. CAPSA evolved from research projects at leading European universities and we continue to implement state of the art innovation and technology. 

Secure data ownership for maximum control

Data stored in CAPSA belongs to you and resides in a secure data management system. Access by third parties is at your discretion  and can easily be managed.

Customize CAPSA to fit your preferences

CAPSA is a modular platform for Building Passports. The modular design provides users with versatile and customizable functionalities tailored to their unique requirements.

CAPSA provides tools for easy data collection

Use our intuitive smartphone app to collect information on your property. The app guides you through the main components of your building. Now, you are ready to exploit the full potential of a robust data base.

CAPSA generates valuable insights and forecasts

CAPSA matches your data with artificial intelligence and energy infrastructure data to generate a holistic and detailed data picture of a building.

CAPSA provides a whole life carbon view of your property and its decarbonization options

Do you need insights in how to set and achieve carbon and climate targets for your buildings? CAPSA can tell you about your property’s carbon performance and strategies impact. This includes the operational as well as embodied carbon emissions, an energy balance and much more.

Based on this information and combined with infrastructure data, CAPSA can make proposals for decarbonization strategies. This includes energy efficiency retrofit options and choices for switching to renewable energy carriers.

CAPSA team

At CAPSA we combine building expertise with cutting-edge IT skills. Drawing on decades of experience in data collection across the building sector we've developed a future-proof solution for capturing and analyzing building data. We are actively engaged and hold advisory positions on building passports within UN and EU committees. We are the digitalization partner for REWE and operate the largest digital building passport for the food retail sector in Europe.

Elie Asmar

Frederik-Matti Bartels

Isabelle Dubar

Patrik Emanuelsson

Andre Harmsen

Sascha Henning

Sofia Hervéus

Jesper Johansson

Tommie Månsson

Christian Marx

Alice-Kate Middleton

Anton Myrberg

Simon Nordin

York Ostermeyer

Anders Petersson

Tano Roth

Angelina Röser

Tom Wranger

Antonia Yoselevski

CAPSA partners

We are actively engaged in advancing the CAPSA system through our work in research and development projects with the Horizon Europe framework as well as with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction.

In these projects we work with partner such as TU Delft, University College London, VITO, the Building Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

We are working with a range for building portfolio owners, such as social housing associations and real estate companies, to closing data gaps and building their decarbonization strategies.

With funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB) we are working with 13 social housing providers (who control over 50 000 dwelling units) to support their data inventory needs. We are also working with Hypoport on data capture as part of their providing the green finance concept for the transformation.

Our partners share our vision that the time for action in transforming and decarbonizing the built environment is now. And that digitization is one of our most powerful tools to increase transparency, identify opportunities and thereby speed up decision processes.

Our partner, Dr. Klein Wowi Digital AG, won 2nd place for the CAPSA use case in the housing industry at the Young Gun Award as part of the GdW (Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Enterprise Registered Associations) WohnZukunftsTag 2021.

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